Our philosophy is to serve fresh, simple wholefood

Wholefoods are nutrient dense foods that are unprocessed. They do not contain food dyes or artificial ingredients. They are as close to their natural form as possible and include organic and local fruit and vegetables, legumes, grains, seeds, ethical meat, organic dairy, free range eggs and sustainable fish. The health benefits and taste are superior to their highly processed, genetically modified counterparts.


What about Raw Food?

There has been alot of excitement over raw food for many years now for good reason. Raw food retains all its enzymes and minerals, as it comes straight from nature. It is unprocessed and contains no preservatives. When food is cooked it loses some of its goodness as the enzymes are denatured, raw food preserves these enzymes. Preparation of raw food is slow but the finished product is a gift to the body. It encourages conscious eating and promotes care and respect for nature. Our raw food options will feature in our cabinet and change daily depending on what fresh products are available, so pop in and see what is on offer today.




Smoothies: 8.5

Easily digested, raw and full of goodness. 

Green smoothie- kale, apple, cucumber, lemon, celery, banana, spirulina & coconut water

Superfood smoothie- berries, banana, chia seeds, goji berries, honey, maca powder, coconut oil, milk

Brekky smoothie- oats, banana, cinnamon, dates, honey  & milk

Protein smoothie- banana, peanut butter, honey, LSA, dates, protein powder, cacao,& milk


Living Juices: 5

Our juices are all cold pressed locally at Daily Habit Cold Pressed Juices, which is great news for you. Cold pressed juices are squeezed rather than mascerated to produce juice which retains all of its enymes, mineral and vitamins. Cold pressed juicers or “Living Juicers” work on a gentle crushing and squeezing principle and living juice, extracted at a low temperature, holds up to 60% more minerals, vitamins and living enzymes.

 - Green lemonade

 - Detox

 - Kirra Beach

 - Cooly Sun